Second-Breath functions due to the tremendous efforts of folks from ALL walks of life, representing a variety of racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds, first, second, third generation, immigrant, refugee etc... the list goes on.​​​​

We are each different, and yet many things unify us, our donors, recipients, neighbors, here and across the globe, not the least of which is our humanity and innate desire to do good on this Earth. 

Giving new life to unused medical supplies

COVID-19: campaign for MASKS AND PPE


Over 7,000 tons of usable medical supplies are discarded every day in American hospitals and clinics. Most of these items are incinerated or deposited in landfills. 

Second-Breath, established in 2013 and now partnered with UC Davis School of Medicine, is an environmentally conscious, socially oriented cooperative for the advancement of community clinics and health centers in Sacramento and beyond. We take your unused medical supplies and help distribute them to areas of need.

Make a difference locally and globally.

As many are sheltering in place to reduce the risk of contracting and spreading the COVID-19 virus, our healthcare workers and first responders are caring for those who are ill. They need personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep them safe. As PPE supplies dwindle, the risk of nurses, doctors and other healthcare workers contracting the disease increases. For every healthcare worker we lose to this disease, we lose the ability of one provider to care for dozens of patients. Protecting our healthcare work force also protects us and our loved ones.


Please consider donating your unused PPE. A list of relevant supplies are included below. Supplies will be prioritized for medical centers and professionals caring for patients with COVID-19. You can donate by clicking the DONATE button below or go HERE. We will coordinate your donation while minimizing person-to-person contact.

​PPE supplies list:

1. Masks (N95, surgical, or procedure)
2. Respirators (CAPR or powered air purifying respirators (PAPR))
​2. Protective eyewear (safety glasses, goggles, eye shields)
3. Latex or nitrile gloves
​4. Gowns (isolation or surgical gowns), coveralls, jumpsuits, painters smocks
​5. Shoe covers
6. Disinfecting wipes (Clorox or Sani-cloth wipes)
7. Hand sanitizer
8. Face shields
9. Flocked swabs

​10. Handmade masks (Must be made to meet certain specifications. Please see instructions here: LINK)

Thank you for your generosity! Someone from our team will be in contact shortly to arrange pick up.


If you prefer to drop off yourself here are places accepting medical supplies in the Sacramento region:
1. Sacramento County (N95 masks, surgical or procedural masks, Non-latex medical gloves, hand sanitizers, and disinfectant sprays) at 9680 Conservation Road Mon-Fri 9 am -12 noon. 
2. Sutter Health:
3. Kaiser:
4. Dignity Health:
5. UC Davis Medical Center:


Thank you for your consideration. Together, we will see this through.