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SOCIALLY RESONSIBLE SURGERY AT UC DAVIS. "Socially Responsible Surgery (SRS) has the goal of improving surgical equity and patient outcomes. SRS creates research and educational initiatives tailored to our unique community. UC Davis Medical Center treats a diverse group of patients, both rural and urban from Northern California and surrounding states. Admission to a surgical service is often the first point of care for many under- or uninsured patients in this large region. This offers exciting opportunities for residents and attendings to devise and implement cutting edge research and educational studies, while advocating for surgical equity in Northern California."

OPERATION MEDICAL LIBRARIES. Current textbooks in health sciences fields of dentistry, medicine, nursing, pharmacology and physical therapy, as well as anatomy and basic science books are accepted and distributed internationally in an effort to shrink the educational gap in all areas of the health sciences in developing countries. Textbooks need to be new or gently used, contain current information and published within the last 5 years. Paper journal are too text heavy to be useful.​ 


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*If seeking to donate: we can only accept unused, unopened, and unexpired medical supplies. We also accept wheelchairs, crutches, and braces in good, clean, working condition. We cannot accept medications, nutritional items, saline, insulin, or other perishables.

Giving new life to unused medical supplies

HOW to donate

Please fill out the online form and tell us about what you want to donate and the quantity in the comments box.  We will send you an email to work out the details. If you are located in Sacramento, you can hand-off the supplies to our local drop off site, or if not possible, we can arrange a pickup, depending on the pickup address.
Here are some examples of items that we have been able to distribute domestically and abroad. 

PPE: Masks, gowns, gloves.

Durable medical equipment: canes, walkers, wheelchairs, crutches.
Wound care supplies: gauze, medical tape, packing strips, etc.
Surgical/ Anesthesia supplies: surgical instruments, sutures, endotracheal tubes, adult urinary catheters/ Foleys.
Diabetes care: glucometers, glucose test strips, lancets

This is by no means a comprehensive list. So when in doubt, just ask us.​

how to receive

If you, someone you know, your clinic, or your organization are interested in using some of our donated medical supplies, please contact us on the online form. Let us know about yourself or who you represent and what supplies you are interested in, whether on our inventory list or not; we will keep your wish list in mind.

Disclaimers: Second-Breath assumes no legal liability and is not held responsible for the donations accepted and distributed. All medical supplies are accepted and distributed "as is."

​Second-Breath is NOT a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Therefore, it cannot issue tax-deductible receipts or reimburse donors for shipping costs.