how to receive

If you, someone you know, your clinic, or your organization are interested in using some of our donated medical supplies, please email us. 

how to donate

Please email us with your list of donations and we will respond with our next monthly drop off date and location.

Examples of items that we have distributed domestically and abroad: 

PPE: Masks, gowns, gloves.

Durable medical equipment: canes, walkers, wheelchairs, crutches in good clean working condition.
Wound care supplies: gauze, medical tape, packing strips, etc.
Surgical/ Anesthesia supplies: surgical instruments, sutures, endotracheal tubes, adult urinary catheters/ Foleys.
Diabetes care: glucometers, glucose test strips, lancets


Second-Breath can only accept unused and unopened medical supplies. We cannot accept medications, nutritional items, saline, insulin, or perishable items.

​Second-Breath assumes no legal liability and is not held responsible for the donations accepted and distributed. All medical supplies are accepted and distributed "as is."
​Second-Breath is NOT a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Therefore, it cannot issue tax-deductible receipts or reimburse donors for shipping costs.