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We welcome back Dr. Fine and the Aloha Medical Mission from Gujarat, India, where they worked with local medical teams at Shraddha Hospital. To give you an idea of their workload, take a look at their case volume below:

Patients:  Total=166 patients - 104 male; 62 female; 150 adults; 16 pediatrics; ages 2-82
Procedures: 202
Dental:  542 patients; 824 procedures

Prosthetic hands:  79 amputees seen of which 63 fitted, two were provided hands for later fittings, two had sufficient natural hand function to not be suitable for fitting, and 12 had residual limbs too short to be fitted
Diagnostic ultrasounds: 49
Anesthetics:  42 - general 26; spinal 16
Hernias: inguinal 67; ventral incisional 6; umbilical 3

Plastics/facial/cleft cases: 22
​Total abdominal hysterectomies:  27
Open cholecystectomies: 5
Exploratory laparotomies: 2
Appendectomies:  2
Deep tissue tumor resection:  1
Hemorrhoid:  1
Hydroceles:  5
Circumcision:  1
Anal fistula:  1

Vaginal hysterectomies:  9
Anterior and posterior repairs:  6
Other gynecologic:  11
Minor procedures – cysts, lipomas, ganglions:  15

Excellent work and welcome back to their team.

Thank you to all who donated! Each and every effort counts, and every instance of caring is one less point of indifference in this world; indifference will be our failure as a species.

MARCH 2017

Hello all. We are in the process of moving to Orange County, so I apologize for the delayed responses to donations requests. I will eventually respond to them, it just may take a while. Furthermore, we are in the process of finding new organizations that will be using our supplies in their missions. However, the Students for Haiti Solidarity at UCLA have recently reached out to us and are still able to use your donated supplies. They are planning an upcoming trip and so the remaining supplies we have will be going to their cause. 

Thank you all for your patience, and once again, I apologize if I have not yet responded to your email. I will. 

We have received a great number of donations including N95 respirators, which have gone to a local Southern California respiratory therapy unit. Furthermore, 2 commodes that have been sitting in storage have gone to Venice Family Clinic for good use in the underserved population.

We have also received a large donation from Medical Supply Recovery (MSR, see above), and most of those supplies are going to Dr. Margie Fine, whose group will be going to Guatemala for another medical/ surgical mission, planned for November 2016. We were able to supply her group with 

- Wound dressing supplies

- Surgical instruments

- Anesthesia supplies

- Adult urinary catheters

All of the clinically unusable laparoscopic supplies we received from MSR were given to the Harbor UCLA Surgery Simulation Lab. Harbor UCLA is well known for its care for underserved communities. These supplies will be used to help train its surgery residents. 

Finally, the sutures received from Medical Supply Recovery went to DAUSA for their planned medical/ surgical mission trip in the coming months. 

We look forward to getting more donations from all of you and putting them to good use! Thanks again to all those who reached out to us!

October 2019

We welcome back the medical team with Aloha Medical Mission and Cambodian Health Professionals Association of America, who have returned from Pursat, Cambodia. Dr. Marjorie Fine, the medical director at Aloha Medical Mission, was kind enough to share with us the mission report and photos. With your help, we were able to contribute dressing supplies, examination gloves, as well as some surgical supplies to their mission.

In summary, the team spent 12 days in Pursat, and of those days, 9 were surgery days (10 hours a day of operating during each of those days). They completed 103 major cases, and 35 minor cases. They performed a range of cases, including hernia repairs, hysterectomies, and facial mass excisions. They also fitted 10 upper extremity amputees with prosthetic hands. 

Several universities and hospitals within Cambodia also participated in the project: University of PhutisastraSen Sok International University Hospital, and University Health Sciences Phnom Penh.

For the benefit of all, the project was a great collaborative effort between the locals and the visiting medical team members.

We congratulate all of those who participated in this mission trip. Job well done, and keep up the good work!

Finally, we would like to thank all of you who have donated so far. Dr. Fine sends her personal thanks: "Many thanks for your assistance in making our mission a success. It takes more than a village."

We welcome back Dr. Margie Fine and the Aloha Medical Mission from another successful medical mission. They were able to use many of the surgical supplies and wound care supplies that you donated. Keep up the good work! 



September 2019

DAUSA Medical/ Surgical Mission, September 2015


We are now collaborating with Medical Supply Recovery (MSR) based in Las Vegas and founded by Natalie Vaughn by helping them distribute some of their supplies internationally to places of great need. 


It's been nearly a year here in Sacramento and we have a great outpouring of generosity from our donors in the community. We launched a PPE drive and were able to coordinate mask donations across the county. We are also currently coordinating efforts to reduce waste with UC Davis Medical Center and STETH, Sustainability Through Environmentally Thoughtful Healthcare. We are also re-engineering our organization leadership, making it a multi-disciplinary team, spanning involvement from the UC Davis School of Medicine and the School of Nursing. Finally Second Breath has been featured in the UC Davis Heatlh Newsroom article. We hope to continue collecting and donating to more and more people. Thank you to all those who have donated.

What we accept

We  accept unused medical supplies and distribute them to underserved medical facilities and services in the Sacramento area and beyond.

Thank you to all who have donated and to all who have used our supplies. 

​Dr. Margie Fine and the Aloha Medical Mission have returned from another mission from Amatitlan, Guatemala. They were able to use your dressing supplies, sutures, surgical instruments, gloves, and urinary catheters. They performed many procedures and operations including dental work, hernia repairs, cholecystectomies, hysterectomies, scar releases, mass excisions, hand surgeries. They also fitted 17 hand prostheses. 

And their work continues. We have much to learn from their generosity.

It is important to keep in mind the struggles of others so that at the very least we appreciate what we have and make concerted efforts to ease the suffering of those less fortunate. 

Hello everyone. I hope you all are doing well. We have recently moved to the Sacramento area, and this will be our new area of service. Thank you to all of our Southern California donors collaborators! 

We have recently donated to a medical mission to the Philippines sponsored by the Danao Association USA. The goals of the medical mission, among many, include delivering care to the city's indigent population, focusing on the poorest of the poor. We applaud their efforts and look forward to continuing our collaboration with them.


We have received an amazing number of donations all around Southern California, from Malibu to La Canada to Long Beach. We received wound care dressing supplies, walkers, wheelchairs, bedside commodes, diabetes supplies, braces, colostomy supplies. We have been able to donate the wound care dressing supplies and IV tubing and other surgical supplies to Dr. Fine, who will be leading another medical surgical trip to Guatemala in late October. She will be leading 2 other trips in the future, to Nicaragua in the summer and she is already planning a trip to Guarat, India in January 2018!

The walkers and wheelchairs went to South LA inner city community organization, Islah LA.

We look forward to meeting more of you as we pick up donations around Southern California! Do good, and do well!

Who receives

Our donations have reached close to home including the Los Angeles Christian Health Center and Islah LA, as well as international relief efforts in Syria, Cambodia, and the Philippines.


The Students for Haiti Solidarity at UCLA have returned from a trip to Haiti to help with ongoing efforts. We commend their efforts in helping make people's lives better and empowering people. 

October 2018

Pursat, Cambodia Medical/ Surgical Mission, February 2016

Giving new life to unused medical supplies

July 2020


We are now partnering with UC Davis School of Medicine, including the student run free clinics. We are looking forward to this collaboration and the good that we can do together. 

Amatitlan, Guatemala Medical/ Surgical Mission, November 2016


JUNE 2014



Thanks to all who have donated so far! And thanks to all who have reached out to us inquiring about donating! 

We recently received a large donation from Medical Supply Recovery (MSR, Las Vegas), including much needed sutures and wound dressings, which have just gone to Danao, Phillipines with DAUSA (see pictures below).

Keep up the good work everyone!

Happy new years to everyone. We are now collaborating with Students for Haiti Solidarity at UCLA. Their goal is to help a school located in Port au Prince accomplish its 4 primary tasks for the community:

EDUCATION: providing free K-12 education for 80% of its students, including children and adults 

MICRO-ENTERPRISE: organizing a micro-credit cooperation for women to encourage them to create their own businesses and become financially independent 

COMMUNITY HEALTH: funding a fully Haitian staffed mobile medical clinic comprised of volunteer nurses and doctors offering their services and basic medications to some of the most deprived locations

VOCATIONAL: training in carpentry and tailoring for women and men

Visit their site to learn more about the communities that they serve.

JUNE 2016 

April 2018



With the recent wildfires in California, we distributed the N95 masks that we received a while ago to local residents in Los Angeles to help with the smoke inhalation. We continue to support and thank our firefighters for their continued efforts and sacrifices in fighting these fires. We also wish everyone a safe holiday. Thank you for your continued donations. 

We have had a wonderful string of donations from all around Southern California. Many of these supplies will be going to Aloha Medical Mission, who will be working with Cambodian Health Professionals Association of America. They will be heading to Pursat, Cambodia this Winter and will be performing surgical services of various specialties including:

1. Dental 
2. General Surgery
3. Maxillofacial/ Plastics
4. GynecologyWe and our donors look forward to contributing to their work around the world. 

The walkers we have received have been given to a Southern California physical therapy group who have been giving durable medical equipment (i.e. walkers, wheelchairs) to patients in need. 

Finally, many of the dressing supplies, splints, and surgical masks that we received have gone once again to DAUSA. They just came back from a medical mission (see below), and we look forward to continuing to supply them in the future.

Thanks again to all those who have donated. You have not only helped others in medical need... you have also helped us all by reducing our generated waste. 

We hope you all had a pleasant holiday, and please have a safe and Happy New Year.

Thank you to all who have donated and to all who have used our supplies! The outpouring of donations really has been astonishing and absolutely INSPIRING!

We also just began collaborating with the Syrian American Medical Society and will be making a shipment to their headquarters in Michigan. They will be transporting these supplies to help those affected by the horrific and continuing violence in Syria. Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to them and to all the millions and millions of people devastated by armed conflict around the world and in our own nation.

If I haven't made it clear yet, we have been extraordinarily busy with donors. Therefore, if any of you are interested in helping us out​, please contact us through the comments box. I (Andrew) would love to meet you, get your ideas, and see how much you want to get involved.